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VÏKÆ heralds her return with brand new track "Sinking"

Written by Kim Valkanis & Daniel M. Pearn
Friday, 28 May 2021


Auckland based pop artist VÏKÆ today celebrates the release her slick new single “Sinking”.


It’s the first feature track from her second EP called “Inferno”, produced by Will Henderson, to be released later this year!

“Sinking” looks at the intense isolated feelings that VÏKÆ got during lockdown and used stories of ex-lovers as well as ex- friends, illustrating how these memories can impact mental health. Completely different to her previous EP “Finelines”, “Inferno” focuses more on house and dance music.


Inspired by her younger self, VÏKÆ wanted to create songs that you would play while dancing around the living room while singing into your hairbrush microphone. This became a form of escapism for what was happening in the world outside. As a poet first, each song has been carefully crafted with impeccable lyricism and emotion. Dance music stalwarts like Taylor Swift, ABBA and Boney M are just some of the artists who inspired this upcoming record. With a hint of gothic pop, you’ll also be able to hear the touches of 80s house synths. 

While curating her new EP, VÏKÆ has also performed at Baydreams (Nelson), The Hamilton Garden Arts Festival, and has also been added to the Mardi Gras line-up in Ohakune. She is on her third tour in under six months and is currently travelling with UK band 10:32. VÏKÆ has performed with the likes of Jack Panther, CRYSTAL, Molly Devine and Amber Carly Williams. 


“Finelines”, the title track from her first EP, debuted at #6 on the New Zealand Hot NZ Singles chart. Three songs from the EP made it in that top 20 and promptly received 1000s of streams in a short amount of time. 

With the future looking bright for her second EP, VÏKÆ is one artist who won’t and can’t stop. 


Kim's picks from “Finelines”:
• Truth
• Rumours 
• Landmine


“Sinking” is available now on all streaming services. Follow her socials to find out about upcoming tour dates.

VÏKÆ sinking album art.jpeg

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Listen to our interview with VÏKÆ back when she dropped her EP “Finelines”:


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