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Ain't no dilemma to love Tina Rez's Pop Disco debut 

Written by Daniel M. Pearn
Friday, 25 June 2021


It can seem easy for new artists to fall into clichéd pitfalls when releasing their debut single. Tina Rez bucks this trend.


With the release of her song “Love Dilemma”, Tina shows a level of pop authority that few artists at the beginning of their career can muster. The Sydney-based 29 year old is riding a wave of confidence, with the debut marking her pheonix-like rebranding. Lyrically, the track explores a self-assembled fantasy that listeners can interpret as they please.


“I once wrote about my dark experiences, but this is not the energy I wanted to bring across as an artist.” Tina explains. “I believe music shouldn't just be about our dark times, but music should also move our happy nerves and that's the energy I want to spark all over."


This sentiment is certainly shown in the production of “Love Dilemma”. The instrumentation which introduces the track includes syncopated cowbell and bouncy bass lines, with the razor sharp vocals of Rez coming in hot. Along with the synth strings which accompany the pre-chorus & refrain, this sugary package provides a tasteful throwback to 90s Pop Disco, with enough touches to mimic the more upbeat Jazz Acid offerings of the same period.


The aforementioned dark experiences make Tina's current return to the music industry all the more remarkable. Back in 2019 she went through a major setback; being scammed by a purported music label, which resulted in many missed opportunities for radio play and performing. Taking this in her stride, the singer-songwriter says:


"This release marks the beginning of my career; I can already feel where this is taking me, and I am excited to continue creating for the world.”


With “Love Dilemma”, Tina Rez is putting both feet forward to take on the world. The lyrics may be about a fantasy, but the wider dream it carries is all real. The song is available now via all streaming services.

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