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Taylor Roche has us smitten with his new pop single “All I Need”

Written by Susan Carroll
Tuesday, 13 July 2021

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Young pop artist Taylor Roche brings us his new hopeless romantic ballad “All I Need”.


When you listen to this song you’ll be taken right back to those times in your life when you’re at the beginning of a relationship, it’s all new and exciting but you have those niggling doubts about whether the other person feels the same way you do. We’ve all been there am I right?!


I love this song from start to finish, huge pop fan myself and Taylor has a gorgeous voice. ‘Boy Band’ was my first thought when I played the track.


Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Taylor has performed on stages across his home country as well as Australia and the Pacific Islands. The story gets even better, Taylor has had the pleasure of performing as lead vocalist for a 9 piece band for the largest cruise line corporation in the world based out of New Orleans, Miami, Orlando and the Caribbean.


“‘All I Need’ is my anthemic hopeless romantic pop ballad that captures the inner complexities we face when falling in love, drawing on my heavy obsession for nostalgic 80’s artists like Prince, Tears For Fears and Chicago and fusing it with my love for modern day Synth-Pop and R&B.” Roche says.


This track was written during a session with Auckland based producer Will Henderson and follows on from his most recent release for this year: “Why Can’t We”.


Be sure to check out “All I Need”, it’s out now via all streaming services!

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