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Jodi shows us how to emerge triumphant with new single “bl!nk”

Written by Daniel M. Pearn
Friday, 23 June 2021


This rising indie-pop songstress has blessed us with the witty-middle finger we need to deliver every now and then.


Three days is all it took for artist Jodi and fellow Sydneysider & collaborator Alistair Hayes to complete the stunning new song “bl!nk”, which details the bitter reminders sparked by a text from an unwelcome former partner.

Speaking of stunning, the production choices on “bl!nk” are indeed excellently picked. The clicky percussion perfectly melts with the slink-like funk bass, which in turn blends well with the subtle synths throughout, and the reverb heavy vocal accents during the refrain. This provides us with a track that sits nicely along the spectrum of rnb and neo-soul that we find many modern pop songs resting.

Throughout the song, we are provided with the mental flashbacks to a relationship that was clearly toxic to all involved. Hints of jealousy and faithlessness litter the framing of the track, but Jodi is not the one to dwell. She commandeers her regret, her mistakes have been fully owned. Whilst one could go so far as to utilise the “girl power” cliché, the experiences detailed by the lyrics point to something that is more universal than can be claimed by any one group. It's that euphoria experienced when you come to the realisation that you are over your ex, but they aren't.


We will hopefully be hearing more from Jodi this year, with “bl!nk” being the first of two singles planned for 2021. It's out now to stream via all digital services!



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