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Jessica Tori releases her stunning follow up single “Life Has Its Way”

Written by Susan Carroll & Daniel M. Pearn
Friday, 21 May 2021

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Sydney based artist Jessica Tori is at it again.


Following on from her debut single “Skin and Bones”, which made the AMR top 50 New Years countdown for 2020, Jessica now brings us the stunningly beautiful “Life Has Its Way”.


“I wrote this at a time when I needed to believe that what was going on in my life, was taking me to the place that I needed to be.” Jessica says. “It’s about trust. When it comes to nature and the cycles of the seasons, we have this deep understanding of the ebb and flow of things and this song was about trying to translate this trust into how you view change in your own life.”


Jessica has toured with electronic artists such as Rufus Du Sol, Timmy Trumpet, Mark with A K, Toucan, Makaw, Chores and Zillions. Her rendition of “I Am Women” has been used on the television series Amazing Grace on Channel 9.


COVID isolation shook most of us, but it has created an environment where artists could fully immerse themselves in their craft which is what Jessica has done. Collaborating with her friend Ben Panucci to create this incredible song, you’ll be mesmerised by the ethereal tones of her voice, and the subdued production which compliments her free-flowing vocals.


Her debut EP is set for full release in June 2021. “Life Has Its Way” is available now on all streaming services.

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