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Delinquent Cause, Ep 3.

12 Fucks

Back on the gear with Mickey and Zane with special guest Damian Cowell (Tism, Root, Disco Machine) chatting about his new podcast 'Only The Shit You Love'. We find out heroin is not his vice, consensus on Ronald Ryan and what does a 13 year old boy's bedroom smell like? 12 tracks that fuck right now. We even broke our own rulz and threw in a teccy track for y’all pill poppin’, biccy eatin’, free thinking ravers.

Disco Puppets *Mark
Bone Graft *Shut your mouth
Split System *Hit Me
Tom Lyngcoln *Trust Fun
Root *I Wish I Was Tex Perkins
Tism *The Last Australian Guitar Hero
Damian Cowell's Disco Machine *Fucking Annoying
Blonde revolver *Power play *Animator 
Easy Browns *Junk
Our Carlson *Ain’t to Great 
Milk Crate *who you know eva seen?

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