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Get hypnotised by Anna Lipsne's new track "Indigo"

Written by Susan Carroll

Friday, 18 June 2021


Hailing from Latvia, the stunning Anna Lipsne now graces Australia with her presence.


Her new single “Indigo” (out today) is something special. You’ll hear the hypnotic sounds of the deep bass lines and the seductive tones of the instrumentation in this beautiful techno marvel. As soon as I played the track Indigo I was drawn right in, tapping my foot to the beat and bopping my head. it just makes you want to get up and move your body to the rhythm.

Anna has travelled the world experiencing incredible music events and festivals which have shaped her sound into the unique artist that we hear today.

“I started piano since I could reach the keys - at age 3 and I would compose nature, trying to imitate sound of rain, sunshine, thunderstorm, wind, rainbow. When I was 7, my parents sent me to music school to learn piano professionally. I've been exposed to electronic music all my life, I grew up with German tv and music channels. I heard Tiesto trance track Adagio for Strings and as a young pianist studying classical music was fascinated by sound of symphony with drums and percussion and was like - wow, this music makes my body move!” Anna says.

Anna’s influences have included amazing artists such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Andhim, Schiller, Enigma, Klangkarussel and Tiesto. Her music is shaped by her desire to create her own sound, she likes to experiment with mixing styles such as classical with dark techno.


Anna Lipsne is one electronic music producer, singer-songwriter and composer that we are going to continue to see amazing things from. “Indigo” is available now as part of the "Summer Session, Vol. 01" compilation album through German electronic label Sound Optix.



Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | SoundCloud

Check out when Anna recently guested on The Mint Factory:


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