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 *NEW EPISODE* HEAVY REBORN 20.11.21 - Mushroom Giant / Fight the sun 

This week's episode of AMR Heavy Reborn is an absolute cracker, one of the biggest yet. We're joined in the studio by Trent, drummer and all round rad dude from the mighty Mushroom Giant for a chat about what it takes to keep making absolutely killer instrumental heavy consistently for 25 years.

We get guitarist, close personal friend of Karly and Mick, and the man behind Fight The Sun, Adrian on the blower for a chat about the band's new single, Mistakes and what they have coming up in 2022.

But wait, there's more, we also feature a track off the new Wolfmother album as well as part of Andrew Stockdale's chat with the crew from AMR's very own quiz show, Quiz Fizz.

....and if that isn't enough heavy for you we also include a metric fuck tonne of all new Aussie independent heavy music including this week, the brand newie from, wait for it.... Northlane. Plus all the funnies, shenanigans etc etc.

Song's included this week:
East York - To Kill The Sun
Mushroom Giant - Primaudial Soup
Mushroom Giant - Owls
Bellwether - Charade
Devil Electric - Godless
Fangz - Won't Be Me
ATLVS - Kodokush
Killrazer - The Burial Begins
A World In Colour - Descent
The Opinion Industry - Karen
Fight The Sun - Mistakes
Hawker - Bot Noxious
A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Pilgrimage
Headwreck - The End Of The Suite
Vinny Galactic - Awake
Wolfmother - Rock Out
Northlane - Echo Chamber

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